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Club Ten is about positive, attractive masculinity

Club Ten was born out of a desire to optimise the modern man's aesthetic without compromise. We are committed to taking the best of female skin care and adapting it to Men's needs, helping them to look their best every single day.

Club Ten launched as a single product brand, with our first focus on the self tanning market for men. Men have not been catered for in the self tanning market - they are expected to use products targeted at women in scent, formula and packaging.

With a choice between women's gradual tan, fake tan and tanning mitts, most men rely solely on sun exposure for their tan. The price paid is high - ageing affects on the skin and increased risk of melanoma.

We've since launched Club Ten's Daily Face Moisturiser with Noir Oak and Cedarwood. Too often Men are undersold simplified moisturisers. We believe Men should have access to the best anti-ageing, anti-irritation and energising ingredients. This means looking fresh in the morning, but also in the many great years to come.

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