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How is gradual tan different to fake tan? 

Gradual tan, first and foremost, is a moisturiser. Our gradual tan moisturiser contains three premium, anti-ageing moisturising ingredients. It contains lower concentrations of self tanning ingredients, meaning that the tanning effect takes place slowly, over several applications and several days. The gradual results mean that the user is less likely to make a mistake which could leave them looking orange and feeling embarrassed. 

The lower concentration of self tanning ingredients also means that the traditional, feminine fake tan smell is not present in our gradual tan. We've then added fresh leaf tobacco parfum to make our product smell amazing. 

What can I do to make sure my gradual tan looks as good as possible? 

By using a gradual tan you are ensuring that you have control over how dark you go. But there are still some best practices you can follow to make sure your tan looks as good as possible, such as; 

  • Avoiding putting excess product in facial hair and eyebrows, and patting dry facial hair and eyebrows after application 
  • Ensuring you apply a similar amount to all body parts, such as your neck, which is often overlooked
  • Washing your hands after use
  • Using on body hair and tattoos - this will still look as natural and great as a sun tan!

You can read more on how to get a natural looking tan with Club Ten here.

How long does a Club Ten gradual tan tan take to develop?

The tan takes 8-12 hours to develop, and a light tanning effect will be noticeable after 1 application. We expect most users to be happy with their tan after 2-4 applications, but this depends on how dark you want your tan to be. 

How long does a Club Ten gradual tan last? 

Once you have reached a level of tan that you are happy with, it will last 3-5 days. The tan will fade gradually and evenly each time you shower. If you want to maintain your tan, you can always top up every couple of days after reaching your desired look. 

Can I use Club Ten gradual tan before I go on holiday? 

Yes! You can use Club Ten to get a natural looking colour on your face and body for the start of your holiday, when you might usually be pale.

You can also use Club Ten on areas of your skin that don't see the sun as much to give you an even, all-over tan. 

Can I still get a sun tan when I've got Club Ten gradual tan on?

Yes - Club Ten does not prevent your skin from tanning naturally in the sun. Just remember to wear sun cream!

Does Club Ten gradual tan stain clothes/bed sheets? 

No, unless you get in to your clothes/bed immediately after applying. You should allow at least 15 minutes for Club Ten to soak in.

Does Club Ten gradual tan smell like fake tan? 

No - Club Ten was formulated especially for Men, and a part of that process was making sure that it did not smell like fake tan. We use fresh leaf tobacco parfum. It is fresh and masculine, but subtle, so you can also wear your favourite fragrance. We truly believe we have the best smelling product on the market and our reviews are full of customers who love the scent as much as we do. 

Not answered your question? We have longer guides over on our blog. You can also contact us and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions.