Winter Skincare for Men - Club Ten's Winter Survival Guide

Winter Skincare for Men - Club Ten's Winter Survival Guide

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So here we are…the clocks have turned back, the fireworks have been and gone, and you may even have even suffered through the odd premature Christmas advert…Winter is well and truly here.

And while the cold season brings many reasons to celebrate, it can be a tough time on your skin and your mood.

Here at Club Ten we’ve put together some great ways to beat the winter blues and keep your skin and mind on top form.

Try and make a routine; Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise

Cold weather and central heating suck the moisture from your skin.  You may notice your skin feels tight after a shower, or perhaps even parts of your face and body get dry and flaky. The best thing you can do for your skin is to use a gentle cleanser, a gentle exfoliator, and a moisturiser.

Gentle, and it really should be gentle, exfoliation once or twice a week can help remove dead skin cells accumulated from dry winter air, leaving your skin fresh and soft and helping your moisturiser absorb better.

While a nourishing face and body moisturiser can help lock in some much-needed hydration. Use Club Ten’s gradual tanning moisturiser, formulated with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin smooth and hydrated whatever the weather.

If a multi-step routine is too time consuming or confusing, try to at least moisturise regularly through Winter. Alternatively, you could complete the full routine as-and-when your skin feels dry. 

Club Ten contains premium, anti-ageing moisturising ingredients for face and body. 

Get some sun (but wear SPF!)

Chances are you’ve packed away your sunglasses, swim shorts and sun cream for another year, but like thousands of other men you’ve unknowingly made a common winter skincare error.

While high energy UVB rays decrease in the winter, UVA rays remain present all year round, leading to skin damage in the winter months. You can’t feel it, but it penetrates skin and causes signs of ageing. You should be wearing SPF daily even in the winter, to preserve your skin.

Getting out and about and taking in some Vitamin D, is sure to help recharge your mood in the winter, but don’t forget to protect yourself while you do it. And if you’re missing a bit of your usual summer tan, Club Ten’s gradual tanning moisturiser can help recapture that holiday confidence without compromising your skin health and appearance.


The sun still shines in the Winter - enough to damage your skin, but not enough to get a tan! 

Increase social interaction (and winter dates!)

It’s tempting to hibernate when it gets cold and wet outside but being around friends and meeting new people is a proven mood booster. You’ll probably laugh more, worry less, and maintain the motivation to keep healthy habits, like going to the gym.

And don’t forget gents – the winter season brings with it a lot of opportunities for great dates.

Whether you’re impressing your girlfriend at winter wonderland or trying to play it cool on ice skates, being confident in your own skin is sure to be a winner.

There is still plenty of fun to be had this Winter! Club Ten can help you to look and feel your best, so you can make the most of it. 


Try out Club Ten Men's Gradual Tan Moisturiser with Fresh Leaf Tobacco Scent this Winter. Use 'SHIPFORFREE' at checkout for free shipping. 

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