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The link between attractiveness and future wealth 💸

For most people, attractiveness is important. You might not even be able to put your finger on why. But if you’re reading this, you’ve at least taken a minor interest in your own appearance and how you can improve the way you outwardly present yourself.

One unexpected but influential outcome of increased attractiveness is an increase in wealth. In The Review of Economics and Statistics, John Scholz and Kamil Sicinski find a ‘statistically significant positive correlation between the facial attractiveness of male high school graduates and their subsequent market labour earnings.’

The bias in favour of physically attractive people is robust, with attractive people being perceived as more sociable, happier and successful than unattractive people. There are numerous scientific hypotheses as to why.

One explanation is simply that there is unconscious bias towards attractive people and discrimination against unattractive people. Another is that attractive people are more adept socially and thus benefit from preferential treatment. But is anyone born with better social skills? Or has the world just been kinder in its feedback to the more attractive person, allowing them to build their confidence and superior social abilities?

Either way, this scientific truth seems largely unfair. In lieu of widescale societal change, perhaps through bias training, there are simple things that you can do as a Man, to play the game and improve your prospects via your appearance. A haircut and dress sense that suits you will go a long way, perhaps informed by your barber and partner respectively.

In addition, there are plenty of grooming practices you can adopt to optimise your look. At Club Ten, we believe a natural, healthy looking tan is a critical ingredient to your grooming regime. In fact, it’s proven to improve perceived attractiveness.

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