No Time to Die (for a tan) - Tanning in Hollywood Film

No Time to Die (for a tan) - Tanning in Hollywood Film

James Bond in No Time to Die

 According to GQ if James Bond had a grooming regime it would include a fake tan, and at Club Ten we agree. Men are increasingly looking for a bronzed glow without the pitfalls of sun exposure and Bond need not be the exception.


But if you’re worried that a fake tan might leave you looking more like Austin Powers than 007, Club Ten’s gradual tanning moisturiser is for you.


And Bond isn’t the only icon to take up sunless tanning.


You’ve probably noticed that the rich and famous usually have one thing in common…a great looking tan.  And in most cases, the glow comes from a bottle.


In the 2017 remake of Baywatch, the cast, including Zac Efron and the Rock, had perfectly sun-kissed tans that came out of the bottle. And A-listers Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio have famously donned sunless tans on the red carpet.

Perfect tans on baywatch


In Hollywood, tanning technicians can use airbrushes to customise each customer’s tan to their liking. Clever tan techs can even shade in abs and define muscles. We can’t quite promise you the artistry of sketched on abs, but Club Ten’s buildable subtle colour will certainly flatter your skin and make it appear more toned. While the fresh tobacco leaf scent will keep you smelling good as you work on that gym bod.


In the interest of transparency…not every A-lister loves a fake tan. Mark Wahlberg confessed that he hated getting spray tanned for his body builder comedy “Pain & Gain”. But we believe that Mark would have much preferred our formula and if anyone has his details, we’d be happy to send him a bottle!

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