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No smell fake tan? No such thing - what tanning options are there for Men?

No-one likes the smell of fake tan. But it can be an even bigger problem for Men, who often just want to get a subtle, natural colour without anyone knowing about it. 

If there was a product out there that could genuinely deliver unscented self-tanning, it would quickly become a global market leader. Unfortunately, the smell is produced by the tanning process - key ingredient Dihydroxyacetone reacts with your skin to produce the tanning effect.

At Club Ten, we knew that the smell of fake tan was a major stumbling block when it came to Men and sunless tanning. Loads of you told us you cared about your looks and a tan was an important part of that. But a lot of you also said that you didn't currently use self tanner because you were worried that you would smell strange. 

We took this problem and centered our gradual tanning moisturiser's formula around it. The good thing about gradual tan is that it contains lower concentrations of Dihydroxyacetone. Not only does this mean that your tan develops slowly, but it also means there is less of a smell for us to deal with. 

In addition, we tested hundreds of scents to find the perfect, masculine parfum for our gradual tanning moisturiser. We settled on fresh leaf tobacco, and we promise you it is amazing. Just check out the reviews.

review about club tens tobacco scent being great

One of many great reviews about our fresh leaf tobacco scent!

Our fresh leaf tobacco parfum is strong enough to leave no sign of a fake tan smell. It is fresh, and relatively indistinctive, meaning that you can either wear it on it's own, or use your favourite fragrance in addition.

tobacco leaf field

Fresh leaf tobacco - think Californian countryside, not Benson & Hedges

Either way, nobody will be asking questions about whether your using fake tan. Peace of mind whilst you add a natural looking tan to your aesthetic.

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