How-To Get a Natural Looking Tan with Club Ten for Men

How-To Get a Natural Looking Tan with Club Ten for Men

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If you want to improve your look with a natural looking Club Ten tan, but aren’t sure how, we’re here to help.

Check out our how-to guide and some extra top tips for using Club Ten.


  1. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin on your face and body, in the same way you would sun cream or moisturiser. Apply all over the areas you would like a tan, careful not to miss any bits, under your arms for example! Do apply to tattoos for an even look.
  2. Avoid applying to eyebrows and beards. If you do get some in your eyebrows or beard, comb the excess out and/or pat dry with a towel or damp face cloth.
  3. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap after applying.
  4. Wait. It will take around 8-12 hours for your Club Ten gradual tan to develop. You can apply another layer of Club Ten after this development period until you have reached your ideal tan level. Depending on your activity level, your tan will last for several days after the last application and then gradually fade.


Top tips for best results:

Don’t forget the neck! Remember to apply your gradual tanning moisturiser to your neck as well as your face. This will stop you creating a visible difference between your neck and face. 

Avoid applying to damaged, flaky, or very dry skin. If your skin is flaking, for example after a sun burn, your gradual tan will end up patchy as your skin is still healing and will shed unevenly. Always wait until your skin has recovered to use Club Ten. 

Consider exfoliating. The results for any sunless tan can be enhanced by exfoliating the day before application. You can use any gentle exfoliating products to helps create a smooth surface for an even tan. We know this is something that a lot of men would have never even considered but we think you should treat yourselves if you fancy it. 

Body hair? If you’re lucky enough to be a man with hairs on his chest, just apply Club Ten all over as usual. The same applies to tattoos. 

Use on body hair and tattoos

Managing beards and eyebrows. If there is excess product in your beard or eyebrows, it may not produce the best results. We recommend that you comb excess product out of facial hair and then pat it dry with a towel.  

Travelling with Club Ten? If you are travelling and want to take your bottle of Club Ten with you, you can re-seal the bottle pump by pressing (over a sink because product will come out!) and tightening the pump to the right.

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