How can Men get a good looking tan? Self tanning solutions inside!

How can Men get a good looking tan? Self tanning solutions inside!

At Club Ten we believe a year-round healthy-looking tan shouldn’t come with a side of skin damage.

But if the idea of fake tan brings to mind Donald Trump, awful smells and stained bed sheets, fear no more. Club Ten was designed to solve these common tanning issues for men. Here are four ways that Club Ten’s gradual tanning moisturiser outperforms a UV tan and other fake tan products.

Club Ten helps you look great, without sacrificing your skin

It’s an unfortunate and well-known fact that UV rays cause skin cancer. But sun exposure is also a leading cause of premature ageing.

Having a little colour can help you look healthier and slimmer. But exposing your skin to too much sun can also result in the increased appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Keep your skin looking young, fresh, and genuinely healthy by avoiding harmful tanning options.

NHS statement that UV exposure accelerates aging process


Club Ten smells amazing

We believe every man deserves to feel confident and if there is one thing that gives every man confidence, it’s smelling great.

Club Ten’s fresh leaf tobacco scent was selected to help you achieve your tan without the typical tell-tale sweet smell of other formulas made for women.

dried tobacco leaves


Club Ten is mess-free and easy to use

You won’t need a tanning mitt to use Club Ten and you won’t need to be forever washing your bed sheets to get rid of the evidence.

Apply our lightweight moisturising formula straight onto your skin with clean hands and let it develop throughout the day or overnight. Just wash your hands after applying and away you go.

Club Ten’s buildable formula puts you in control

With Club Ten you don’t have to wait for the sun to shine to get bronzed. And you don’t have to risk a fake tan mishap ruining your look. Our buildable tan puts you in control of your appearance.

If you’re after a subtle healthy glow for a casual date, one thin layer of Club Ten the night before should do the trick. Heading away for a week in the sun? Build your colour up over a number of days and achieve a natural-looking tan before you’ve even checked in your luggage.

 tanned man sunbathing on lilo

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