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Check out these amazing tanning results from Club Ten Men's gradual tan moisturiser 😍

Gradual tan moisturiser is the perfect self tanning solution for Men

Once upon a time, at Club Ten Towers, we were planning the perfect self tanning solution for Men 🤔 It was very easy to decide on the type of product we would build and launch - it would be a gradual tanning moisturiser. In our view, gradual results product the best results. There's significantly less risk of orangeness or patches, both embarrassing identifiers of fake tan usage 😳

We wanted to show you the amazing tanning results Men can get with Club Ten 

When we received these progress photos from a customer, we were so proud of the amazing, natural looking results Club Ten had produced 🔥 Each month, hundreds of Men are trying Club Ten and getting a great little enhancer for their appearance. 

man with no tan

man after 1 day of gradual tan

Man after 2 days of gradual tan

Man after 3 days of gradual tan

With gradual tan, the power is in your hands

Taking a look at the progress photos above, you may want to stop at an earlier, lighter stage. Alternatively, you might want to continue applying and go darker. Either way, the power is in your hands 🤝

Once you're happy with your tan, you can maintain it by applying every other day. The tan will gradually and evenly fade over several days once you stop applying, with no patches or evidence of fake tan. 

Order today to achieve your ideal look this Summer

Summer means legs and arms out. Sometimes even tops off. If you want to be ready to look your best, order

Club Ten Men's Gradual Tan Moisturiser with Fresh Leaf Tobacco Scent

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