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Can you use gradual tan on your face?

If you've decided you want to try out a new self tanning product, you might be worried about the end result. Nobody wants the embarrassment of looking like an orange, and if you end up with an orange face, there really is no hiding until the tan fades away. In our eyes, a perfect tan for men is a subtle one. 

donald trumps fake tan disaster

Nobody wants to look like this. Use gradual tan to avoid orange disasters.

There are lots of good guides on how to tan, including our guide on How-To get a natural looking tan with Club Ten for Men. In this article, we simply wanted to address whether you can use tanning products on your face as well as your body. 

In short, it depends on the product you are using. Most self tan is built for face and body, so you won't do yourself any harm by using it on your face. However, if you are using a one-time, instant tanning product (orange-brown creams you apply with a tanning mitt), you are risking an orange look on your face as the tanning effect takes place all in one go. Instant tanning products typically produce darker results, and it may also be difficult to blend this in with facial hair and your neckline, meaning that others can tell that you have been using a fake tan. 

If you want to carefully build a subtle, natural looking tan on your face, we'd recommend using a gradual tan moisturiser, like Club Ten Men's Gradual Tanning Moisturiser with Fresh Leaf Tobacco Scent. This is because the tanning effect is lighter, and is more under your control as you build a tan over a number of applications. Rather than going 'all in', you can slowly work out how much moisturiser and how many applications give you your perfect tan. 

Club Ten's gradual tan moisturiser gives great results on face and body

Our gradual tanning moisturiser also contains premium, anti-ageing moisturising ingredients. Unlike instant tanning products, it has been formulated with face and body application in mind. So whilst you're getting your tan on, you can also benefit from a deeply nourishing moisturiser which is only going to help your appearance in the long term. 

 Club Ten contains premium, anti-ageing moisturising ingredients for your face

In summary, yes you can absolutely use tanning products on your face. However, for best results, use gradual tanning moisturiser rather than instant tan. This ensures that you get a natural looking tan, rather than an Donald Trump-esque orange tan that leaves you not wanting to go outside. 

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