50% off, no fighting in shops required - Black Friday at Club Ten

50% off, no fighting in shops required - Black Friday at Club Ten

50% off, no fighting in shops required - Black Friday at Club Ten

fighting on black friday

Here at Club Ten, we’ve been busy preparing for the Black Friday and Christmas period.

We wanted to come up with a Black Friday deal for you to get excited about…so we are giving our customers 50% off each bottle of our Gradual Tan Moisturiser. Even better, you don’t need to queue for ages or elbow a small child to get your hands on it.

Promo Code: BLACKFRI. Valid until Monday 29th November 23:59. One per customer. 

We also thought we’d give you five Black Friday stats and facts for fun…it isn’t quite news clips of Americans fighting over TVs in Walmart, but some general knowledge for the pub maybe.

1. Men are more likely than women to participate in Black Friday shopping - with around 37% of British men planning on some discounted purchases compared to 30% of women. Great news for us as our Gradual Tan Moisturiser was specifically formulated and designed for men.

2. British men will spend an average of £335 in these sales this year, outspending their female counterparts by £145! – our 50% offer bags you a cracking gift to yourself at just £8.98!

3. In total, Brits will spend an estimate £4.8 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping this year – enough to buy 267.4million bottles of Club Ten! 

4. Londoners are most likely to shop this Black Friday with 46% of the city expecting to spend, compared to the least likely region of Wales with just 24%.

5. More than half of Generation Z (54%) are planning a Black Friday shop, but Generation X will spend the most on average at £339.

So there you have it - a bit of general knowledge for you and the most generous discount code we will EVER give out! We hope you enjoy your weekends' retail therapy. 


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